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Full text of "Minutes of the Abbott's Creek Union Baptist Association [serial]"

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AUGUST, 1348. 




mum, wtie 

August 26th, A. D. 1848. 
T. The introductory sermon was delivered by Elder Ashley 
Swaim, from Matthew, 2nd chap., latter clause of 2nd verse. 

2. The Association then convened, and was opened by singing 
and prayer by Elder Philip Snider. 

3. Letters from the several churches were called for and read, 
and the state of each church minuted as follows : 



Flat Creek. 

Abbott's Creek 

Timber Ridge, 
Tom's Creek. 

Mount Tabor. 


Brush Creek. 

Pine M. H. 

SanJy Creek. 

Jarrot Russell, 
David Sofly * 
Caleb Shaver. 
Elder A. Swaim, 
Asael Hedgecock, 
Samuel Craven. 
William Swaim, 
Daniel Swaim. 
Samuel Styers, 
James Harrison, 
Riley Hill. 

Elder Jacob H. Craven 
Thompson Craven, 
John Hammer. 
Jos. B. Armfleld, 
William Wiley. 
Reuben Workman.* 
Aaron Moffitt, 
Jesse Arledge, 
John R. Craven. 
John H. Barret, 
Timothy M^Bride,* 
George Dedman.* 
Henry Kivett, 
Joab Caviness,* 
Aaron Routh.* 


Total 2 9 

4 2j 1 

1 ( 9j2fl7|$10 87{, 

4. Elder Ashley Swaim continued Moderator. 

5. Corresponding Messengers were invited to seats ; whereupon 
Elder John Stadler and brother John Brooks from Country Line ; 
brother Joseph R. Croom from Contentnea ; Elder H. Preslar and 
brethren Levi K. Honeycut, H. Herren and Drury M. Williams 
from Bear Creek, with minutes. Received a file of minutes from 
Kehukee. Invited ministering brethren to seats with us, and Elder 
Nathaniel Norwood accepted the invitation. 

6. Committee of Finance — J. B. Armfield and S. Craven. 

7. Appointed Elders Stadler, Preslar and Norwood, with the 
Moderator and Clerk, a Committee of Arrangements, to report on 
Monday morning. 

8. Circular Letter called for, and referred to the Committee of 

9. Elected Elders Stadler, Preslar, and P. Snider, to preach to- 
morrow ; worship to commence at 10 o'clock. 

10. Prayer by the Moderator. Adjourned till Monday morning, 
9 o'clock. 

Sunday, August 27th. 
The brethren chosen to preach to-day attended. Elder Preslar 
preached from John, 6^h chap. 45th v. ; Elder P. Snider from 1st 
Epistle of John, 4th chap. 19th v. ; Elder Stadler from Ephesians, 
3d chap. 8th v. The word preached was delivered in faithfulness, 
the congregation was attentive, and we hope that Jehovah will add 
nis blessing to the same, to the benefit of saint and sinner. 

August 28th, 
Monday Morning, 9 o'clock. 
Met according to adjournment ; singing and prayer by the Mo- 

13. Messengers' names called, absentees noted, and rules of de- 
corum read. 

14. Elder Peacock present and invited to a seat. 

15. Committee of Arrangements made their report, and was dis- 

16. Elder Peacock reported, that Elder Lewis J. Snider and him- 
self had ordained Jesse Dedman a deacon of the church at Pine 

17. Our brethren appointed to sister Associations, reported satis- 

18. Committee of Finance reported, deficiency of funds: — Due 
he Clerk $1 47|. 


Contribution of the churches, - - - $10 S7£ 

A deficiency of funds — the brethren paid in - 3 25 

Paid for printing these minutes, - - - 7 00 

Due the Clerk for last year, - - - 1 47^ 

Clerk's services this year, - - - - 5 00 

$14 12* 

13 47^ 

Leaving a balarffce in hand of - 65 

19. Agreed that we appoint Corresponding Messengers to sister 
Associations : 

To Country Line — Elder P. Snider, brethren II. Kivett, John 
Hammer, Samuel Styers, and Jesse Arledge. 

Mayo — Barnet Idol and Gbadiah H. Chip man. 

Bear Creek — Elders A. Swaim, J. H. Craven, P. Snider, A. Pea- 
cock, and brethren Joel Re'edJ Jacob Miller, Samuel Styers, and 
James Harrison. 

Little River- — John R. Craven, Henry Kivett, and John Hammer. 

Fisher'* s River — J. R. Armfteld, Samuel Craven, and A. Hedge- 
cock ; and that we correspond by minutes v.ilh the Kehukee, fig 
River, White Oak, and Contentnea Associations. 

20: Your Committee to whom the Circular was referred, recom- 
mend it to be read in the Association ; which Was done, and ordered 
to be attached to these minutes. 

21. Two of the brethren appointed to visit the church at Hollo- 
way's did so, and found them in union. 

22. On motion, requested our Clerk to transcribe the articles of 
our Faith, in order to be attached to the minutes of our next Asso- 

23. Resolved hy (Jds Association, That Elders Ashley Swaim, 
Jacob H. Craven, and Jesse Arledge, Aaron Mofrltt, Joseph B. 
Armfield, Daniel Swaim, and Samuel Craven, draught a petition to 
the next State Legislature, praying them to repeal the act of the ; 
Legislature of 1844, incorporating religious societies, and pass no 
more such acts granting religious privileges, as we think they are 
dangerous to our civil and religious liberties. 

24. Agreed that we have 400 copies of these minutes printed, 
and distributed as usual. 

25. Our next Association to be held with the church at Tom's 
Creek Meeting-house, Davidson county, N. C, eighteen miles south 
of Lexington ; to commence Saturday before the 4th Lord's day in 
August, 1849. Eider Lewis J. Snider to preach the introductory 
sermon; in case of failure, Elder Ashley Swaim: worship to com- 
mence at 11 o'clock. 

26. After singing, and prayer by Elder H. Preslar, adjourned to 
time and place mentioned. 

ASHLEY SWAIM, Moderator. 

Jesse Arledge, Ckrk. 


To the several Churches composing the Abbott's Creek Union Association, and 
to all the Israel of God ; Grace, Mercy, and Peace be multiplied unto you : 

Beloved Brethren and Sisters : — You no doubt will be expecting a Cir- 
cular Address from us, your representatives in our Association in 1848. We 
therefore send you the following Address, on the Liberty of God's Children : 

Gal. 5th chap. 1st v.: Stand fast, therefore, in the liberty wherewith Christ 
hath made us f ee and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. 

The great Apostle of the Gentiles, was speaking in this epistle to the Church 
at Galatia, and reminding them of their former condition whilst in a state of na- 
ture, and how by divine Grace they were brought out of the bondage of sin, and 
translated into the kingdom of his dear Son ; and brings forward an allegory, of 
Agar and Sarah, to show the difference between the law and gospel. Now all the 
ceremonials in the law-worship have ceased, and there is no more of this bon- 
dage in worship to the heirs of promise. Hence, beloved, as we are children of 
the free woman, we exhort and admonish you, one and all, (inasmuch as Christ 
hath made us free, we shall be free indeed,) not to be entangled with any of the 
inventions of men, in their new earth-born societies, in any shape or form whate- 
ver ; for these all gendereth to bondage, and are calculated in their nature to max 
the peace, becloud the mind, and create burdens and distress ; and this has been 
the case wherever they have gone, and some of the children of the free women 
have been entangled in them, to the wounding of their own souls and piercing 
themselves through with many sorrows. 

Moreover, we, as primitive Baptists, do most solemnly protest against all in- 
corporations of every name and order by legislative authority ; believing it to be 
unconstitutional ; and he that would regard his oath of office, as a representative 
of the people, no more .than to violate both his oath and the constitution, in vot- 
ing for or giving sanction in any way to such an act, is not worthy the confi- 
dence of any candid man. 

We know that in matters of religion, (so called,) it is often urged, that if an 
act is done with an honest heart and sincerity of mind, it is acceptable with God. 
To which we reply ; this shows, a want of confidence in God, and the estimate 

v..» ^ ; ~ V 


they put upon his word ; therefore we say, all acts done as in matters of religion, 
that are not recognized in the sacred Scriptures, are an abomination to the Lord ; 
he never has owned nor blessed them, and never will. Look at the case of king 
Saul when God commanded him to go and slay the Amalekites and all that they 
had, both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass ; 
and when Samuel the prophet went to him, he would justify himself by 
lying ; but the sheep and oxen betrayed him, then he would justify himself with 
a plea of good motive, that they were saved to sacrifice to the Lord their God ; 
but Samuel said, obedience is better than sacrifice. Remember the case of Uz- 
zah : when the people had taken the ark of God, to whom it did not belong, and 
it proved a curse to them, they went to take it back where it belonged, and the ox- 
en stumbled and shook it, and Uzzah put forth his hand to steady it. No one will 
doubt the honesty of heart or purity of motive, in that act of Uzzah. But it was 
contrary to the command of God, and therefore he was smitten dead. Next we 
bring forward the case of Naaman, who was plagued with the leprosy, and when 
he was directed by the man of God to that plain and simple cure of the disease, 
ly dipping seven Lines in the river Jordan, it was disgusting to his pride, and he 
exclaimed, what! " are not Abana and Pharpher, rivers of Damascus, better than 
all the waters of Israel V and he turned and went away in a rage. Is not this 
just like many religionists in the present day, who say in effect, (and some speak 
it right out,) Are not our inventions and benevolent institutions, camp-meetings, 
anxious benches, &c, better than the way that God has ordained to save sinners'? 
But Naaman, poor man, proud and haughty as he was, had to come to Jordan 
at last and comply with the word of the Lord by his prophet ; and so will they, 
or the leprosy of sin will prove their everlasting overthrow. Lastly, in answer 
to such pleas of honesty and sincerity, we bring forward the case of Saul the no- 
ted persecutor of the Church : he verily thought within himself he ought to have 
done many things against the name of Jesus of Nazareth, which things he also 
did. In this confession of his, no one will undertake to dispute the honesty of 
his heart or sincerity of his mind. 

Now, dear brethren, it is evident from the above cited passages, and many 
more we might name, that purity of heart and motive is not to be pleaded in 
point of justification or acceptance with God, independent of the Scriptures. — 
These things are written as examples — not that we should follow them, but be 
guarded against them, and all such. 

To conclude : "But now being made free from sin and become servants to God, 
ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life." See that ye 
" walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called ; for brethren ye have 
been called unto liberty, only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by 
love serve one another;" and being called into this glorious liberty, speak often 
to yourselves and to one another about the glory of his kingdom, and talk of his 
mighty acts. It is your privilege and your dtity to range the great field of the 
Gospel, and well examine every point of its doctrine. Be diligent in searching 
the Scriptures with a prayerful heart to God for instruction therein, that you 
may " grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus 
Christ," and * that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith ; that ye, being 
rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is 


the breadth and length and depth and height, and to know the love of Christ, 
which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God." 

And now brethren and sisters, « we commend you to God and to the word of 
His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among 
them that are sanctified ; to Him be glory for ever and ever. Amen." 




Abbott's Creek Union Baptist Association^ 





Lord's day in August. 

1 8 4 4. 




Auausr 24, 1844. 

1. The Introductory sermon was delivered by Elde Jamils Os- 
80HNE, of Baltimore City, from Jeremiah, 8 chap, and part of the 22 
ver. — /* 'here no balm in Gitead; is there no physician there? 

2 After sermon thp \ssochtion convened, and was opened by 
singing and prayer by Elder A. Swaim. 

3. Letters from the different churches 
their state minuted as follows: 

called for and read, and 






Lick Creek, 

Abbott's Cr'k, 

Timber Ridge, 

Tom's Creek, 

Mount Tabor, 


I rush < reek, 

Pine M. H. 
Sandy Creek, 
Pine Woods, 

S Jo S ..Hodffe, Thos. 
* Wiatt. Jr bVr. Park. 
(" Elder A. Swaim, 
i Sam'j Craven, 
10 H Chipman. 
S Wm. Swaim, Ja's 
? Jordan, D'l Swaim. 
j E''r A Peacock J. 
1 Harrison, N. Rush. 
I El. J H.Craven J. 
) Hammer, N More. 
} Wm Wiley, J. B. 
( ArmfiHd. 

Reuben Workman, 
j A. Moffit. 
\ J' sse A Hedge, 
( J R. Craven. 
i Eld'r J. L. Snyder 

< Wm. Thompson, 
' George Dedman. 
i Henry Kir it, 

\ A. Wright. 
( Caleb Shaver, 

< Jacob Miller, 
[ H. Hernn. 

id ^ 

I. s" 

£ 04 £ 

1 9 

1 a 

1 OC 














2 00 





Total, | 6 1| 2| 3 1 3; g|30g|i j 05 


4. Elder" Ashjev Swaim chosen Moderate*. 

-5. Corresponding Messengers invited to take seats, when brethren 
John Wiatt and Benjamin F. Morton appeared-' from Country Line 
with minutes. Elder Benjamin Bynum, from Gontentnea, ■ presented 
a file of their minutes. Received files of minutes from the Mayo, 
Fisher's River, Little River, Kehukee, and Pig River Associations^ 
all of which was cordially received, and Messengers seated themselves. 
Eider Parham Pucket was also present and took a seat with us. 

6. Invited eider James Osborne to a seat with us, which was ac* 

7 Whereas this Association at her session of IS4Q, withdrew her- 
correspondence from the Bear Creek association for retaining the cold 
water church in fellowship, since which time that Association have 
withdrawn their fellowship from that Church, and at their last setMoinr 
appointed Eiders George Little, Hosea Presslar, and brother N. B 
Jenkins, to attend our association and propose to open a correspond- 
ence again with our body, our Association, after having taken into con* 
sideration the difficulty heretofore existing between the two Associa- 
tions, and after discussing the matter with the brethren from thai As- 
sociation, have agreed to open a correspondence with that body again* 
and the hreihren ahove named took seats with us. 

8. On motion appointed brethren Jesse Arledge and Jacob Miller, 
a committee of Finance. 

9. Agreed that elders P. Pucket, G: Little and B. Bynum, with 
the Moderator and Clerk, arrange the business of this Association^ 
and report on Monday morning. 

10. Circular Letter called for and referred to the committee of ar- 

11 Elected by private ballot, elders James Osborne, George Lit- 
tie and Parham Pncket, to preach tomorrow, — worship to commence 
at 10 o'clock. 

12 Prayer by elder P. Pucket. Adjourned till Monday morn- 
ing 9 o'clock. 

13. Sunday, Jlugust 25th The brethren appointed to preach 
attended accordingly, elder P. Pucket preached from Isaiah 40 chap/ 
Tver. — "Comfort ye, comfort ye my people saith your God." EWj,er 
Junes Osborne then preached from Romans 1 chap. 16 ver. — "For 
I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God 
unto salvation to every one that beheveth; to the Jew first, and also to 
the Greek." Elder G. Ltttle followed, from James, 1 chap, part of 
19 ver. — "Wherefore my beloved brethren." Elder Swaim closed 
by singing and prayer. The people attending on the solemnities of 
the day were truly attentive, and we hope they may yet receive a 

11. Monday morning', 9 VcW. The Association met pursuant 

( t) 

to adjournment. Singing and prayer by elder Benjamin Bynum* 
15. Messengers' names called, and rules of dscorum read. 
.16. Committee of Arrangement reported; report received and 

committee discharged. 

17. Our brethren appointed to correspond with sister association? 

18. Proceeded to appoint corresponding Messengers to the fol- 
lowing associations: Elders A. Swaim, J. L. Snyder, and Brethren 
A. Wadkins and W. Welch, to Country Une; Elder J M. Craven, 
Brethren Aaron Moffit and Jesse Arledge, to Little River; Brethren 
© II . Chipman, Sam'l Stvres and Barnet Idol to Mayo; Elder Ash- 
ley Swsim, brethren Sam'l Craven and A. Wadkins to Fisher's River; 
Elders A. Peacock, J. L. Snyder, brethren J Miller, J. Young, Hez- 
ekiah Herrin and N. Rush, to Bear Creek, Agreed that we forvvard 
40 copies of these minutes to the Kehukee, and 20 copies each to< 
the White Uak, Conlentnea and Pi^ River association?. 

19. Committee of Finance reported: 

Cash in the hands of tfie Treasurer $0.83 
Contributions of the churches 1 .05 

Total $12.8$ 
Paid for printing these minutes $5.00 
Clerk's services 5.00= 10.00 

leaving a balance on hand of $2.88 

20. The committee to whom the circular letter was referred, al- 
though they consider it to contain abundance of good matter, think 
it not expedient to attach it to these minutes, which was approved of 
by the association, 

21. Elder A. Swaim, requested to prepare a circular letter for 
next association. 

22. Agreed that we have 500 copies of these minutes printed, and 
cur Clerk make distribution of the same. 

23. Agreed that our next association be held with the church at 
Timber Ridge Meeting House, Randolph county, 4 miles North of 
New Salem; to commence on Saturday before the 4th Lord's day in 
August 1845,— Elder A. Peacock to preach the Introductory sermon; 
in case of failure, Elder J. H. Craven. 

24. Agreed that we present the inhabitants of the vicinity of Pine 
Woods Meeting House with our thanks for their hospitality during 
this association. 

25. Singing and prayer by Elder A. Swaim. Adjourned to time 

and place above mentioned* 

ASHLEY SWAIM, Moderator^ 

Joseph Davis, Clerk 



Abbott's Creek Union Baptist Association, 





day in August, 


8 4 5. 



August 22, 1845. 

1. The Introductory sermon was delivered by Klder Hosea Prea- 
lar, from Eph. 2 chap 13 ver, 

2. The Association then convened, and was opened by singing and 
prayer by elder A. Swaim. 

3. Letters from the several churches called for and read, and the 
state of each church minuted as follows: 








«• . 
















Lick Creek, 

Turner Harrison, 
Joel Reed, 
f Fid. A. Swaim, 
Abbott's Creek i 0. H. Chipman, 

( A. wad kins. 
Timber Ridge^ J's. Jordan, D. Swaim. 

f Eld Asael Peacock, 
Tom's Creek, < Samuel Styres, 
t James Harrison. 

!Eld. Jac. H. Craven, 
Thompson Craven, 


Brush Creek, 

Pine M. H„ 

Sandy Creek, 
Pine Woods, 

Nathan Moore. 
5 J. B. Armfield, 
I William Wiley. 
^ Reuben Workman. 
«< A. Moffat, J. Arledge.j 
* Eld. J L. Snyder, 
} Thomas Broadway, 
t George Dedman. " 
5 A. Wright, H Kirit, 
? A. Ruth. 
^ Not represented. 

Total, j 4| | | 4j 7|13|284l9.S6 


4. Elder A. Swaim chosen Moderator. 

5. Corresponding Messengeri invited to seats, whereupon Elder 
P. Pucket from Contenmea; Elder H. Sieeleand Brother Drury Hodge 
wuh minutes from Fisher's River; Elder J. Smith with minutes from 
White Oak; Brother John Wiatt from Country Line; Eld. H. Preslar, 
and Breth'n. Wra. Hamilton and Benj. C. Ashcraft with minutes from 
Bear Creek, apeared and all seated themselves. Also received a let* 
ter of correspondence from the Pig River Association. 

6. On motion appointed Brethren Daniel 6wairo and Jesse Arledge 
Committee of Finance. 

7. Agreed that Elders P. Pucket, J. Smith and H. Preslar, with 
the Moderator and Clerk, arrange the business of the Association and 
report on monday morning* 

8- Elected by ballot Elders P. Pucket, J. Smith andH. Steele to 
preaeh tomorrow— worship to commence at 10 o'clock. 

9. Prayerfoy Eld. J. Smith* adjourned till monday morning 9 o'cloek. 

10. Sunday Jhtgvst 23d. The Brethren chosen to preach to day 
attended. Elder H. Steele preached from Jeremiah 12 chap. 2 ver. 
Elder J, Smith from Isaiah 54 chap, and 5 verse. Elder P. Pucket 
from 25 Psarm 14 verse, but by reason of rain the congregation had to 
disperse before he had time to conclude. The people appeared atten- 
tive and seemed anxious to hear the word of life,. We hope the labors 
of the day will not be in vain. 

1 1. Monday morning 9 o'clock. The Association met according 
to adjournment. Singing and prayer by Elder J. Smith. 

12. Messengers' names called and rules of Decorum read. 

13. Committee of arrangement made theirreport snd was discharged. 

14. Our brethren appointed to correspond with sister Associations, 
reported and were discharged. 

15. Appointed corresponding messengers to the following Associa- 
lions: Elder A. Swaim, and Brethren Win. Welch and Elkana Swaim 
to Country Line; Elder J. L, Snyder, and Breth'n O. H. Chipman, J. 
B. Armfield and George Dedraan to Fisher's River; Eld. A. Peacock, 
and Breth'n J. Reed, J. Harrison and B. Wright to Bear Creek; Elder 
A. Swaim, and Brethren A. Wright, T. Craven and A. Moffat to Lit- 
tle River; Elder A. Swaim, and Br. A. Wright to Contentnea; Elder 
A. Swaim, and Breth'n A. Wright, T. Craven and A. Moffat to White 
Oak. Agreed that we correspond by minutes with the Kehukee and 
Pig River Associations as usual. 

f6. Committee of Finance reported: 

Cash in the hands of the Treasure; $2 £8 

Contributions of the churches y.86 

Total $12.74 
Paid for printing these minutes 5.00 
Clerk's services 5.00= 10.00 

leaving a balance on hand of $2.74 

17. Agreed that in future, at our Associations, on Saturday preach- 

\.ng commence at 11 o'clock. 

IS. Elder A. Swaim requested to prepare a Circular Letter for 
next Association. 

ID. On motion agreed that we hare 600 copies of these minutes 
printed, and our Clerk distribute the same. 

20. Our next Association to be held with the church at Pine Meet, 
tng House, Davidson County, 3 miles from Long's old Ferry on the 
Yadkin River, to commence on Saturday before the 4th Lord's day in 
Aug. 1846. Elder A. Peacock to preach the Introductory Sermon, 
in case of failure Elder A. Swaim. 

21. Agreed by the Association, that the inhabitants of the vicinity of 
Timber Ridge Meeting House be presented with our thanks for their 
kindness on this occasion. 

22. Singing and prayer by Elder A. Swaim. Adjourned to the 
time and place above mentioned. 

ASHLEY SWAIM, Moderator. 

Joseph Datis* Clerk*